L7 Lightweight Torch (Black in Test-It Box)


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Featuring a super lightweight Polycarbonate housing which makes it temperature resistant from +175°C to -175°C, the L7 is the ideal choice on adventures where weight and temperature may be an issue. Polycarbonate is the same material as that used for aircraft cockpit windows and so is extremely weatherproof and robust. As you would expect from a LED Lenser Torch, performance is outstanding too. With its impressive 42 hours burn time the L7 will keep going where others have long given up. A ‘must have’ in any kit bag. Whether crossing deserts or scaling mountains, the L7 should be your first choice adventure torch.

  • Patented Advanced Focus System: Spot to Flood Beam focusing
  • Simply Focused – twist the head
  • Polycarbonate housing – weighs less, yet still robust
  • Temperature resistant material – smooth to the touch even in extreme climates
  • Splash and dust proof design – protects better
  • Tail-cap touch switch – ideal to signal manually. eg morse code
  • LUMENS: 115
  • BURN TIME: Up to 42 hours*
  • DIMENSIONS: 133mm x 37mm
  • WEIGHT: 135gms
  • POWER SUPPLY: 3 x AAA Alkaline Batteries


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