B7 Bike Torch (in Test-It Pack)


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A beam as bright as many motorbike headlamps. The splash-proof housing protects the torch from heavy rain and withstands vibrations and shocks. The Bike Mount (included) is designed for 2-in-1 flexibility as it allows the torch to be removed instantly and without fuss so that it can also be used as a powerful handheld torch.The LED Lenser B7 is the reliable companion on any adventure.

  • Patented Advanced Focus System optics
  • Tough aircraft-grade aluminium casing
  • Easy-slide Speed Focus
  • Supplied with wrist-strap, bike mount and batteries
  • Dynamic mulyi-mode switch
  • LUMENS: 200
  • BURN TIME: 64 hours
  • DIMENSIONS: 133mm x 37mm
  • WEIGHT: 192gms
  • POWER SUPPLY: 4 x AAA Alkaline Batteries


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