COMBO SALE – Samalite HD200LED1500LA with Tripod Stand

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Product Description

SAMALITE HD200LED1500LA with TS200 Tripod Stand

The Samalite HD200 is the answer for emergency site lighting for use outside and inside buildings which have been affected by flood damage, ideal for clear ups and home repairs etc.
With the supplied TS200 extendable Tripod Stand the Samalite can even be used in flood waters.
There is also a 12-volt Power output from the unit to power or recharge 12-volt tools and equipment


12 volt Power & Lighting Unit, Continuous light for 11+ Hours Non-memory maintenance free battery Hands-free, detachable telescopic floodlight Can be left on continuous mains charge. Recharging from mains electricity or vehicle on the move. Power pack facility, powers wide range of 12-volt tools and accessories max.output 10 amps.
Comes with TS200 Tripod Stand / Bracket & Bag.


Dimensions: L 21 x W 13 x H 17cm ( L 8½ X W 5¼ X H 6¾ inch )
Flood Extends: 48.5 – 89.5cm (19 – 35 inch)
Weight: 3.4Kilos ( 7.48lbs )
Battery: 12v Sealed Lead Acid
12-volt DC Power output max 10 amps
Bulbs fitted: Tungsten Quartz Halogens
Main beam: 500-metre beam
Super 20w 450 Lumens 3 ½ Hours
Dipped light: Standard 10w
160 lumens 8 Hours
Detachable telescopic floodlight
LED Floodlight:
High 2200 Lumens 6+ hours,
Middle 1400 Lumens 8.5 hours,
Low 900 Lumens 11+ hours,
Recharge Time: Mains 8 Hours,
Vehicle recharge approx 1-2 Hours.


Lightweight Sturdy Aluminium stand
with lockable height adjustment from 1.05m to
2.8m (with HD200) weighing only 2.5kg.
Comes complete with Bracket and Storage Bag.
Can be used with any HD200 or Searchlight and takes only 30 seconds to erect from bag.

Samalite Kit Includes:

The Samalite HD200 Lead Acid comes complete with torch power/lighting unit, telescopic LED flood light attachment, mains charger, vehicle charging lead, 12-volt DC accessory lead, 10 amp spare safety fuse and a TS200 Tripod Stand / Bracket & Bag.
Available in Yellow or Black

Used by:

  • MOD 
  • Police 
  • Utilities 
  • Railways
  • Paramedics
  • Maintenance and Security
  • Farmers 
  • Vets and Fisherman


Emergency Power and Lighting.
Used in Stables, Barns and Storm Shelters, Camping,
Boating, Leisure and General Use.
12-Volt Power Pack Uses:
Back up Ship to Shore Radio, GPS, Fishfinders,
Aerator pump, Portable, TV, Soldering Irons, Laptops,
Air compressors, Charging portable, Batteries, Power
small inverters, Tools and most 12-volt equipment.