Li-Ion5: Weight: 205g   High 1060 Lumens: 5½ Hrs   Medium 500 Lumens: 8 Hrs   Low 250 Lumens: 12Hrs

BPNM9: Weight: 800g   High 1060 Lumens: 7½ Hrs   Medium 500 Lumens: 10 Hrs   Low 250 Lumens: 17 Hrs

BPNM13: Weight: 1200g   High 1060 Lumens: 10½ Hrs   Medium 500 Lumens: 15½ Hrs   Low 250 Lumens: 29 Hrs

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The small Li-Ion battery can be carried on its headband with a combined weight of only 355g, or on a waist belt using the supplied extension cable or fitted to a hard hat.

The HL600F can be purchased with either Li-Ion batteries or Samalite 9amp or 13amp Powerbelt for extended run times of up to 10½ hours on high, 15½ hours Medium and 29 hours on Low.

These are ideal for rescue services, scenes of crime, railways, maintenance crews, security companies and underground workers but also offer instant, long lasting light for leisure use.

This headlight offers a long-range large floodlight beam and will light up areas up to 250 metres away.
It has a powerful 1150 Lumen LED with three brightness levels.

To explain how bright these LED lights are, our Super 20w bulb gives 475 Lumens of light with a run time of 4 hours combined with our 13amp Nickel Metal Powerbelt. The new lightweight Li-Ion battery will run our powerful 1150 Lumen LED for 5½+ Hours on brightest setting, 8 hours on middle and 12 hours on low.


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